Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Furry Vengeance and Summer Sewing Sports Bra

Now there's a combo that you don't see everyday!

Today was raining so we weren't able to go to the park, and Laney needed some zippy jammies. It was the perfect day to head to the mall!

We arrived at the mall and ate in the food court. Logan loved that. Poutine for lunch - num num. Then we went shopping for a bit, got the jammies and a belt for daddy, and then stopped off for some fun at Play Park.

There were tons of older, bigger kids running around there today, so Logan tired of getting pushed around pretty fast. By 12:45 he was done. What to do for the rest of the afternoon? Well it just so happened to be Monday, and Stars N Strollers is on Monday. So we cruised on over to the movie theatre to see what was playing. I was secretly planning all the ways I was going to explain to Logan that we couldn't actually see the movie because I assumed that there were only going to be boring adult movies playing.

But surprise! Furry Vengeance was playing! Who could pass up taking the toddler to see that movie?

For those of you who don't know what Stars N Strollers is, let me tell you, it's the most marvelous idea to get money out of parents with kids. The theatre opens one afternoon a week to parents with kids. They play a movie with a little bit of lighting on and the sound turned down a tad. They set up change tables outside the theatre and allow you to bring your stroller right on in. This is fabulous! And they don't just play kids movies either. They assume that babies don't really care what's playing, so they play whatever movies the adults want to see.

I'm totally passed the point where I can bring Logan to any movie I choose. He listens to everything and learns all sorts of stuff that I'm not aware of. So when Furry Vengeance is playing, we just had to go!

It was actually kinda cute. Logan was super behaved. He sat in his special toddler seat and ate his popcorn and enjoyed his drink. He watched the entire movie without getting up to walk up and down the stairs or talk and talk with mommy. Laney wasn't as well behaved. She crawled all over the sticky floor, up the stairs, knocked over the popcorn and pulled at my necklace, hair and clothes until I wanted to scream. And then she started in on the screaming. Babies!


Which brings me to the Sports Bra. I upcycled a pink pair of jogging pants into the Heart Healthy Sports Bra the other day. And I was very content to leave the kids with daddy when we all got home and jump into the shower and then into my comfy Sports Bra and jammie pants. I spent a lovely evening free of baby slime in my comfy summer clothes :)

Remember to visit this link from Project Upcycle (February 2010) to get the tutorial to make your own Heart Healthy Sports Bra.

Coming up: Things that I refuse to sew!

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Anonymous said...

When I have my next open heart surgery. You are going to have to make me that sports bra. I don't sew. I am a DD and it hurts to go without a bra for too long.

Tawny said...

Definitely! This Sports bra turns out so comfy. I'm a DD as well and if I didn't wear a sports bra in the evening and to bed, I would have some serious gravity issues. I wore one after I got my newest pacemaker and it helped a lot and I plan to stack my hospital bag full of them when I have to get my valve replaced. Can't live without these! :)