Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Buffet and Whiskey

Last week we took Logan to the Royal Fork in Winnipeg for dinner. Those that don't know, the Royal Fork is a buffet style restaurant.

Well Logan loved it! What kid wouldn't love it really? You get your own tray, utensils and plate and you get to choose the food that you want to eat. There's J-ello, shrimp, and a sundae bar! All of Logan's favourites.

As a result of this trip, we have been playing "buffet" everyday. We get our plastic plates, forks, spoons and cups and pretend to walk around the buffet table choosing whatever we like to eat. Then after we finish that, we have to go back for ice cream. Not really a fun game to play with a curious baby climbing all over everything, but it keeps Logan entertained while it rains, so I don't complain that much.

Here he is sitting at the "table" (his bench) in the "buffet restaurant" (the laundry room).

Does anyone else have a kid that plays these sorts of games?

Oh yes, and an interesting thing happened to us when we went to meet Logan's pre-school teacher tonight. You may remember that last December right before Christmas I made some homemade Irish Cream in our new blender. Well, Logan was busy playing with the nursery school toys while we were sitting down in the tiny chairs to learn about all the things required of parents during the upcoming year. He was playing with a kid blender and came to pour us a drink.

Terry asks Logan, "Is this a banana milkshake?" Since we made banana milkshakes on the weekend, this wasn't a far fetched guess.

Logan looked confused for a minute and said, "No daddy. It's Wicksey."

Come again?

Me to Terry, "Did he just pour us some Whiskey?"

Logan hears this and says, "Yes mommy, Whicksey!"

So now if any of the parents or the teacher heard this little exchange, they all have labeled Logan the poor kid with the alcoholic parents! I swear, we haven't even touched the Whicksey since December. It's been sitting in a cupboard above the fridge where no one can see it since then! Gah!

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