Monday, 12 April 2010

What Would The Project Runway Judges Do?

While you're sewing do you sometimes imagine what the Project Runway judges would have to say about your work? "There is a taste level here that we're not seeing from Tawny," is what I imagine they would say about anything remotely associated with my wedding dress. And quite frankly, this wedding dress is going to be a swirl of tacky explosion. But hey, I'm tacky and darn proud of it!

Sometimes this little inner montage about taste level spurs me on to make this dress even more outrageous. In the case of the veil that I made yesterday - it egged me on until I added those red flowers. Then I hear, "This girl does not know how to edit!" coming from my imaginary Project Runway judges hehehe. Maybe I need to have my head examined? Tell me this is normal?!!

On a related note - who thinks Seth Aaron is going to win this season? Me! Me! Me! Me!


Jennie said...

You made me laugh with "This girl does not know how to edit!" The one I hate to hear in my head is Heidi saying "It looks homemade".

Tawny said...

Oh yeah... isn't that the worst when the Project Runway Judges get all snooty and say "It looks homemade?" Like they could just whip up an entire dress in a day. I'm still in awe of anyone who goes on that show. To be under that amount of stress and then have it judged at the end is way too much for any person to handle. No wonder they are always crying. I would cry through the entire process hehehe