Monday, 5 April 2010

Wedding Top Prototype #1

This is my first attempt at my wedding dress top. Instead of doing a "muslin" I was lucky enough to find some brocade in the clearance section of the fabric store. I need some practice with brocade before I attempt my actual wedding dress, so this was perfect.

My first prototype is a typical Asian inspired look.

Things I like about it:
- It's cut on the bias so it hangs nice
- it's pretty conservative and demure which I guess is what you want for a wedding
- I love the neckline

Things I dislike:
- it's so warm to wear. I'm not used to things around my neck (I'm a cleavage girl) So this is probably not a good idea for the end of June
- cutting on the bias means that I ate up a lot of fabric. I only have about 2.5 metres to work with, so I would use most of it for this top.
- notice the above picture. I screwed up the placement of the frog closures so the neckline is off. I fixed it in the picture below.

Options if I decide on this top:
- I could put piping along the neckline, collar and armholes to match the skirt
- I could do the top out of the contrast fabric and use my blue fabric for the skirt
- I would fix a few of the issues I have with the bustline and widen the shoulders a bit.
- I would take it in a bit in the waist to have a less tentlike look

What do you guys think?

Stay tuned for prototype #2 and a few skirt ideas as well!

NOTE: I've taken pictures of the fabric I'm going to use. It's imported from China from my grandfather. I've posted them on my fanpage and we're having a wonderful discussion as to what I should do with it. You can join in the discussion (or read all about it) on the Tawny Bee Fanpage if you're at all interested.


Jennie said...

Doing something non-cleavage when you're a cleavage girl might make you sad. I think this top looks great and fits well, but I require a viewing of other possibilities!

Selena said...

Love the prototype, and you did a great job on it! My dress for my senior grad dance was a full length dress with the top like yours, which my ma made out of a rich green brocade very similar to yours. I remember the fiddly nature of the pattern and her swearing at me. So, great job! :P

If you're concerned about the blouse being too hot you could always take the idea of the mandarin collar and just open up the neckline some maybe? Do a more "basic" style of blouse with a short mandarin collar, something like pictured here:

just as an example. A blouse like that will still have a really lovely fitted shape to it and lend itself to a nice skirt but still retain that silhouette that honors your heritage.

You could probably have a lot of fun playing with necklines that hold on to that Asian look but be a bit less stifling for a hot summer day. :)

Tawny said...

We're having a wonderful discussion about the wedding dress possibilities on my Fanpage and here on the blog. Thanks so much for all your support and help!

Selena: I'll admit that I didn't swear too much while making this, but I did talk to myself a lot which Terry thought rather strange, and I had to put it aside for a night to think about it before I screwed it up!

I think you're right - the Asian collar is really all I need to make it look Asian inspired or I could add some of those lovely Asian buttons along the front, side or back to keep it true. As long as I don't swelter to death on my wedding day, I'll be happy :)