Saturday, 10 April 2010

Wedding Night Fashion: The Tale of The Peppermint Pants

I've been thinking about something special to wear on our Wedding Night for a long time now. Terry and I have been together for 10 years and we've got 2 kids - how on earth was I going to come up with something appealing and special?

Then I started thinking about the one outfit that Terry really loves. I bought this maternity/nursing pajama outfit before Logan was born. Terry immediately liked it. I even remember him liking it when I tried it on in the store. He dubbed them my "Peppermint Pants." I wore these pajamas at the hospital when both Logan and Lane were born.

Here's me with Logan in the hospital when he was born. The jammies were brand new back then.

You may also remember I was wearing them in the one of the camping photos from St. Malo a few posts back.

I've been wearing these poor pajamas almost every evening for 3 and a half years. They are starting to get a little worse for wear. But Terry is still attracted to them - and to me in them.
And it isn't even a "she's the mother of my children" kind of attraction. It's much stronger than that. There is no way I could just throw them out when the crotch finally rubbed out of them. I knew they were destined for at least one more special night.

So I put my upcycling skills to the test!

I used the same method for making this top as I did for the Heart Healthy Sports Bra.
Then I cut a few extra panels out of the pant legs.

Sewed it all together.

Then I went to work on the top. I cut out and made some cute little boy cut skivvies (the same ones as the tie dyed version I did for Project Upcycle) to wear underneath. And because I'm a genius sometimes, I even cut the panties so that the pocket from the front of the pajama top is now on the front. Don't know quite why I would want a pocket on my crotch - but I'm sure we can come up with a use - oh la la!

I used the sleeves from the top to make a ruffle around the neckline of the nightgown part.

Ta da! Something very special and personal for our wedding night!


Unknown said...

You are ingenious and I am in awe of how productive you are with your projects.

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