Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Venue

I thought I would go into some sort of long winded explanation as to why we chose St. Malo Provincial Park as our wedding venue - but pictures say it so much better! :)

We've officially been approved and booked. We're getting married on July 24th, 2010 at St. Malo Provincial Park.

*So happy*


The gentleman next to me is our friend Rejean, who introduced me and reintroduced Terry to St. Malo beach. Rejean lives in St. Malo right on the lake! Lucky!

Here we are camping before we had kids. Ah the good ole' days. Terry is really enjoying that watermelon!


Look at how thin I used to be. And I was pregnant with Logan in this picture! I hate my former thin self just a little bit right now.

Look at that handsome man I'm going to marry. He's still just as handsome. You'll see a picture if you scroll down of this exact spot, only Logan has joined the party.

Skip ahead to 2008

Logan loves the beach. Here's the view of the lake. So peaceful.

The same spot as above, but Logan is now with us. Yay!

Terry took his first real work holidays ever and we went camping. This is Logan's first time camping.

I'm roasting marshmallows in my pajamas.


Add Laney into the mix. She was only a few days old when we took her to the beach for the first time.

This was taken only steps from the Amphitheatre where we are going to say our vows. Somehow I don't have a good picture of the Amphitheatre itself. :(

The BBQ Grilling area where our reception is going to take place is right behind Logan's favourite swing.

How could we not get married at such a wonderful and special place?


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

oh Tawny - that is so cool! I grew up only miles from that park and also have wonderful memories of it, it's a place totally full of fun and good karma! congratulations on picking such a great spot!!!

Jennie said...

How wonderful to get married in a spot you already have so many happy memories of!