Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Sun Was Shining in Winnipeg This Earth Day 2010

Today I woke up feeling horrible, sluggish and exhausted. I just didn't want to deal with anything. It's on days like this that my brain tends to rally and I remind myself that I only have this moment with my kids once, so I better make the most of it. So I baked a pile of cookies, searched for a printed out some fun "Nature Bingo" cards and planned a fun picnic for the kids to celebrate Earth Day.

We went out to Lyndale Drive because I was feeling nostalgic for all the times I've walked that path with my baby boy. And it was a nice place to have a picnic that wouldn't be too crowded and a fun place to explore for Logan.

Here is Logan eating his jam sandwich. No peanut butter - he just wanted jam! He inhaled the entire thing, crusts and all, so just jam it is!

Laney woke up from her little nap to discover that she was in the middle of a picnic! What?! She's just trying to figure it all out. Luckily for her, her little friend Claire came to visit, so we had two babies trying to figure out what was going on.

Logan is very Earth conscious. He made sure that all our garbage was in the proper place. We then walked down the path and played a little nature Bingo. Jen was a big help for trying to find a bird's nest with Logan while I calmed Laney down and fed her a bottle.

After the picnic and Bingo search, we were on our way home. But Logan spotted the Norwood Community Centre park. He used to love this park when we lived in Norwood and begged me to stop and play. I couldn't resist. Although as you can see from the pic above, Laney is starting to get too much sun. Her nose is a little red.

Logan playing at the park in the tube.

Logna is an excellent chauffeur. He even drives his sister around.

Had to check out the baseball field.

And the soccer/hockey field.

I handed Logan the camera to take some pictures while I buckled Laney into her car seat. This picture was taken my him. Pretty good eh?

From a strip of urban green space in Norwood Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope you all got a chance to enjoy nature today.

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