Friday, 16 April 2010

Stylish Ties

For the past two evenings I've been making what I thought to be practice ties for Terry and Logan. I wanted to make sure that I could make a decent tie for the wedding before I cut into some nice fabric. So I pulled out the "Man Fabric" (you may remember that I made curtains out of this very same man fabric).

The ties turned out perfectly! I finished Terry's last night and he tried it on. He immediately decided that he was going to wear his "Man Tie" to the wedding and that Logan should match. Tonight I made one for Logan. At first he was reluctant to try it on, but then daddy was saying how much he loved his. Logan tried it on and declared that he liked his too (but he wasn't going to wear it for very long because it was hot).

Here are my lovable goofballs modeling their ties. Of course, Terry and Logan had already decided that since they wanted to be comfortable at the wedding they were both going to wear shorts and a muscle shirt ... with a tie. I don't mind that much - it's Terry's wedding too. I want him to wear whatever he likes. Besides, who even looks at the groom anyway? Logan has got to be just like daddy, so his little ring bearer outfit will also be a muscle shirt, shorts and a tie. Adorable!

These boys of mine reminded me of that scene in the Sponge Bob movie where Sponge Bob and Patrick were singing "Now That We're Men" and dancing around all cool. I guess the man fabric brings that out of a guy. hehehe.

Anywho - check out the nice satin lining I put in these ties. Did that distract you from noticing the giant fox butt on the front of both Logan's and Terry's tie? (They find this a selling point for the tie. Boys! I'll never understand them)

Yup, it's all about workmanship. And a little help of course... I got the tutorial for both ties from Purl Bee - Terry's here and Logan's here.

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Jennie said...

Very nicely made! I wouldn't have called fox butts a selling point, but then I have ovaries.