Sunday, 25 April 2010

Practice Wedding Dress Prototype #2

It all started with a trip to the movies to watch Alice In Wonderland. I wondered what it would be like to design and wear such pretty fantasy dresses as those in the movie. Here's my attempt.

I love this bodice. I even got the boobs to line up in the proper place. And the lining is perfect!

I added the over skirt to the bodice and made an underskirt. The underskirt is poofy and pretty with tulle underneath. I almost want to wear this skirt on its own. Why can't I have a pretty, fluffy skirt like the kind I had when I was little?

I added some sleeves because that's how I originally thought it should look. But after some editing (yes! I can edit!) I decided that these sleeves were really terrible. They were set in nicely, but they made it look like I was wearing a box. Yikes!

Here's the final product!

From the back. I didn't bother to match the plaids as you can see. For a practice dress that I'll probably never wear I figured it wasn't necessary.

The side view. Yes, it makes me look a little fatter than I'd hoped. But it could just be the stripes. If I were to do it in the blue brocade for the wedding, it would slim me down a bit. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

So would I wear a version of this to my wedding?

- it fits like a dream. I did a great job on the bodice.
- I love the poofy, fantasy feel of it
- I love that I took the sleeves off. Nice and cool and fun for a summer wedding.

- It is so ornate. I don't know if I'm liking all the lace and complication that it has in it
- I can hear the Project Runway judges say, "It's too costumey." Which is true, but when else besides Halloween are you allowed to wear a costume? A wedding of course!
- If I were to do it in the blue brocade along the sides with white (and those beautiful Asian buttons down the front) it might look a tad milkmaidish, or possibly like a Dutch dance costume. Not a good look! Although Terry has a few fantasies that the dress might fulfill hehehe

What do you guys think? If I were to do this for the wedding, I think I would keep the length short. Any longer and it would look waaay too done up and ornate for a summer beach wedding. I would use the blue brocade on the outside (plaid) pieces and white in the middle and underskirt pieces. That way the blue buttons would stand out more going down the front of the white. I think they would be drowned out on the blue.

Next up: Prototype number three for the wedding dress is going to be a classic corset and long flowy skirt. It'll be classic and simple and be a great "never out of fashion" beach kind of dress, but still have some elegance and be able to showcase those fabulous Asian buttons. Think I can pull all that off? *fingers crossed*


Anonymous said...

I am going to hold final thought to I see all three. But I am liking this one.

Jennie said...

I'm worried about it looking milkmaidish. Would you do both the main bodsy and the front inset piece in the brocade (sorry if you already mentioned what you'd do, I've got a distracting toddler in the room). Don't fret at all about looking costumey - like you said, it's your wedding and you can dress however you want!

Jennwith4 said...

When I saw the words summer beach wedding my mind immediately went to long and flow-y. Very nice but I'd like to see #3 that you've got planned. =)