Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mario Party Night

Sometimes .... er... OK... all the time, our little Lane is a handful. This means that little Logan doesn't get as much time with his parents as he normally did. We've even had to remove a lot of his toys because Lane was always busy pulling them down on herself or trying to ingest them. Poor Logan hasn't even had a chance to really play his beloved video games. Terry tries to play Mario Wii with him, but most of the time it gets preempted because Lane is trying to snatch the Wii controller or open the cupboard where we store the Wii.

So on Friday evening we had a Mario Party Night, just the three of us. After we put Lane to bed for the night, we popped some popcorn, got on our jammies and headed downstairs. We broke out the old Game Cube controllers and played Mario Party together.

Mario Party is a great game to play with kids. It's really simple button movements and mini games. It's easy to follow and it's designed so that you never know who might win. It's all chance really.

I know that it's all chance, because mommy won! I think Logan had a really fun time with his parents. We'll have to make sure to make this sort of thing a regular occurrence. Logan was so happy that he got to stay up late and play games that he fell asleep on the couch without any trouble. What a sweet little boy!

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Jennie said...

What a lovely family night. I'm looking forward to doing this kind of stuff with our son!