Wednesday, 7 April 2010

"Laney" A Photo Journal by Logan

I love my baby sister very much. She's a fascinating creature. I like to borrow mommy's camera and follow her around snapping pictures. She's my favourite (only) subject.

I catch her crawling.

And crawling some more. Pretty good actions shots eh?

Peek peek!

Here she is trying to steal my truck.

This one I actually waited and called at her to get her to pose.

A nice close up.

A goofy shot.

Laney with her sippy cup.

Another posed one that took a lot of time and calling and gooing at her.

Laney trying to climb the stairs. She's always doing that!

I just love taking pictures of my baby sister. She's always doing something interesting. And I like to leave a surprise on mommy's camera when she's not looking :)

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