Thursday, 1 April 2010

Introduction to Wedding Month at Tawny Bee

Welcome to Wedding Month!

Most of my loyal readers have been with Team T (Tawny and Terry) through at least part of our 10 year relationship. This summer we're going to celebrate with you by making our vows.

This means big planning! We're not having a huge wedding, and we're on a budget, so this month follow along with us while we plan our DIY wedding!

I will be creating several versions of my dress until I'm satisfied and comfortable enough to cut into the awesome Blue Chinese Brocade that my grandfather imported from China for me. We will be talking venues, invitations, clothes, headpieces, party favours, honeymoon and whatever else I can think of that we need to plan for.

As always, I'll throw in a few DIY How Tos in case you are planning your own wedding, or find some other use for my projects. And I'll link to all my favourite wedding sites and tutorials as we go.

Here's to an excellent (and romantic) month of April!


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I was just wondering what your April theme would be! Can't wait to see your dress development (and giving tonnes of feedback)!