Wednesday, 28 April 2010

How To: Wedding Garter

Just like a wedding can't be over until the garter comes off, wedding month can't be over until a How To is created to make your very own wedding garter!

Mine turned out fabulous! I love it so much. It matches my veil and will be the perfect accessory.

Supplies needed:
- Fabric (possibly some scraps left over from your dress?)
- pre-gathered lace (approximately 40 inches)
- 1 inch width Elastic (approximately 18 inches)
- decorations (flowers, beads, feathers, whatever)
- Matching thread

1) measure around your thigh in the place where you will actually wear your garter. My measurement was 20 inches (yeah I have a thigh like a tree trunk)

2) Double that measurement and cut your fabric out. Length will be that measurement (40 inches for me) and width will 4 inches. I was using scraps, so I had to sew together two pieces to make this size.

*** side note: Check out the underside of the blue brocade I'm using for my wedding dress. Isn't it great? I almost want the skirt to flow without a lining so that some of the underside shows.

3) Cut lace the same length as your long piece. Fold up one long end about 1/4 of an inch and press. Pin lace to that folded edge and stitch.

4) Sew the shorts ends right sides together to form a big loop.

5) Press the side without the lace up 1/4 of an inch. Then fold the fabric piece in half, wrong sides together and press.

6) Stitch the tube closed along the stitching line you made for your lace, leaving about two inches open for elastic insertion.

7) Measure your elastic so that it's comfortable on your thigh (i.e. it's not cutting off the circulation, but not falling off either). Insert elastic into your garter and sew the ends together.

8) Either hand sew or machine stitch the opening shut.

9) Decorate!

Check mine out on my leg. Oh la la!

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