Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Glaring Omission and Some Other Tidbits

I just realized that the readers of my blog don't even know what the fabric I'm using for my wedding dress looks like. I posted the pictures on my Fanpage, but neglected to post them on the blog. How can you play along and help me decide on the final dress if you have no idea what the brocade looks like?

So here it is:

A close up to show the intricate pattern.

And a photo of the whole thing. You can see that it reflects lights quite a bit. It'll shine in the sun.

My grandfather gave this fabric to me. He's since passed on, but I'm sure he would be very pleased that I've saved it all these years to wear at my wedding. :)

Now you know why my dress is not going to be the traditional white. I only have 3 metres of this brocade though, so I have to be extra sneaky with cutting and designing.

Check out the buttons that just arrived from China. I ordered them on Etsy from a shop called wwwoo and I love them so much. They will match perfectly with my dress. :D

And in other news - it's been so warm and beautiful outside that we've been going to the park A LOT! Logan is obsessed with it like any little boy should be. And Laney just wants to do everything her big brother is doing, plus try to eat the grass and sand.

Logan was outside so much yesterday that he got way too over-stimulated and ended up being the most Spazzmatron kid I've ever had to deal with. Going a mile a minute and yapping, yapping, yapping the whole way. Needless to say, he crashed at 7:30 last night and is still sleeping soundly now at 8:00 am.


Julie said...

That is such beautiful fabric! And what a way to honor your Grandfather, too :)

Unknown said...

Love that fabric. It is very elegant and will make a wonderful wedding gown. Just be sure to keep the fabric the focal point and don't over work it with to many design details.