Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Heart Wrenching Registration

We registered Logan for Pre-School today. He'll be starting in the fall.


My little boy is growing up too fast.


Logan playing the ducks game (June 2007)

Logan playing the ducks game (April 2010)

How To: Wedding Garter

Just like a wedding can't be over until the garter comes off, wedding month can't be over until a How To is created to make your very own wedding garter!

Mine turned out fabulous! I love it so much. It matches my veil and will be the perfect accessory.

Supplies needed:
- Fabric (possibly some scraps left over from your dress?)
- pre-gathered lace (approximately 40 inches)
- 1 inch width Elastic (approximately 18 inches)
- decorations (flowers, beads, feathers, whatever)
- Matching thread

1) measure around your thigh in the place where you will actually wear your garter. My measurement was 20 inches (yeah I have a thigh like a tree trunk)

2) Double that measurement and cut your fabric out. Length will be that measurement (40 inches for me) and width will 4 inches. I was using scraps, so I had to sew together two pieces to make this size.

*** side note: Check out the underside of the blue brocade I'm using for my wedding dress. Isn't it great? I almost want the skirt to flow without a lining so that some of the underside shows.

3) Cut lace the same length as your long piece. Fold up one long end about 1/4 of an inch and press. Pin lace to that folded edge and stitch.

4) Sew the shorts ends right sides together to form a big loop.

5) Press the side without the lace up 1/4 of an inch. Then fold the fabric piece in half, wrong sides together and press.

6) Stitch the tube closed along the stitching line you made for your lace, leaving about two inches open for elastic insertion.

7) Measure your elastic so that it's comfortable on your thigh (i.e. it's not cutting off the circulation, but not falling off either). Insert elastic into your garter and sew the ends together.

8) Either hand sew or machine stitch the opening shut.

9) Decorate!

Check mine out on my leg. Oh la la!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Practice Wedding Dress Prototype #2

It all started with a trip to the movies to watch Alice In Wonderland. I wondered what it would be like to design and wear such pretty fantasy dresses as those in the movie. Here's my attempt.

I love this bodice. I even got the boobs to line up in the proper place. And the lining is perfect!

I added the over skirt to the bodice and made an underskirt. The underskirt is poofy and pretty with tulle underneath. I almost want to wear this skirt on its own. Why can't I have a pretty, fluffy skirt like the kind I had when I was little?

I added some sleeves because that's how I originally thought it should look. But after some editing (yes! I can edit!) I decided that these sleeves were really terrible. They were set in nicely, but they made it look like I was wearing a box. Yikes!

Here's the final product!

From the back. I didn't bother to match the plaids as you can see. For a practice dress that I'll probably never wear I figured it wasn't necessary.

The side view. Yes, it makes me look a little fatter than I'd hoped. But it could just be the stripes. If I were to do it in the blue brocade for the wedding, it would slim me down a bit. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

So would I wear a version of this to my wedding?

- it fits like a dream. I did a great job on the bodice.
- I love the poofy, fantasy feel of it
- I love that I took the sleeves off. Nice and cool and fun for a summer wedding.

- It is so ornate. I don't know if I'm liking all the lace and complication that it has in it
- I can hear the Project Runway judges say, "It's too costumey." Which is true, but when else besides Halloween are you allowed to wear a costume? A wedding of course!
- If I were to do it in the blue brocade along the sides with white (and those beautiful Asian buttons down the front) it might look a tad milkmaidish, or possibly like a Dutch dance costume. Not a good look! Although Terry has a few fantasies that the dress might fulfill hehehe

What do you guys think? If I were to do this for the wedding, I think I would keep the length short. Any longer and it would look waaay too done up and ornate for a summer beach wedding. I would use the blue brocade on the outside (plaid) pieces and white in the middle and underskirt pieces. That way the blue buttons would stand out more going down the front of the white. I think they would be drowned out on the blue.

Next up: Prototype number three for the wedding dress is going to be a classic corset and long flowy skirt. It'll be classic and simple and be a great "never out of fashion" beach kind of dress, but still have some elegance and be able to showcase those fabulous Asian buttons. Think I can pull all that off? *fingers crossed*

Mario Party Night

Sometimes .... er... OK... all the time, our little Lane is a handful. This means that little Logan doesn't get as much time with his parents as he normally did. We've even had to remove a lot of his toys because Lane was always busy pulling them down on herself or trying to ingest them. Poor Logan hasn't even had a chance to really play his beloved video games. Terry tries to play Mario Wii with him, but most of the time it gets preempted because Lane is trying to snatch the Wii controller or open the cupboard where we store the Wii.

So on Friday evening we had a Mario Party Night, just the three of us. After we put Lane to bed for the night, we popped some popcorn, got on our jammies and headed downstairs. We broke out the old Game Cube controllers and played Mario Party together.

Mario Party is a great game to play with kids. It's really simple button movements and mini games. It's easy to follow and it's designed so that you never know who might win. It's all chance really.

I know that it's all chance, because mommy won! I think Logan had a really fun time with his parents. We'll have to make sure to make this sort of thing a regular occurrence. Logan was so happy that he got to stay up late and play games that he fell asleep on the couch without any trouble. What a sweet little boy!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Craft Show Virgin

I admit - I was a craft show virgin up until today. I set up my first booth at the BSLS Tea and Craft Sale.

Man! I don't know what I was waiting for! I was totally over prepared and did very well. I had a banner and an inventory list. I printed out business cards and smartly worked on my display. It was a fabulous time.

I met so many wonderful crafters and appreciators. I got away from the kids for 4 whole hours! And I made a little money. So what's not to like?

Here's my table all set up. Next time, I will put together something to hang up behind me. I actually hung up my homemade picnic blanket back there after I thought about it. Gotta use all the free space that you're given.

And of course, what would the craft show be without a visit from my little guy? Most of the stuff I make is inspired by him and his little sister. This photo was taken before I set everything up.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Norwood Spring Luncheon and Craft Show

Tomorrow (Saturday April 24th, 2010) I will be vending at the Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Schools' annual Spring Luncheon and Craft Sale. It's over in Norwood where we used to live. The address is 52 Birchdale Ave and it's on from 10:30 until 2:30.

Why not come out and visit me and get some lovely Mother's Day gifts at the same time?
I also have an item in the silent auction. They are raising funds for a new playground.

It's my first craft sale here in Winnipeg and I could use all the support I can get!

Check out my pretty new table dressing/banner. I think it's rather eye catching, don't you?

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Sun Was Shining in Winnipeg This Earth Day 2010

Today I woke up feeling horrible, sluggish and exhausted. I just didn't want to deal with anything. It's on days like this that my brain tends to rally and I remind myself that I only have this moment with my kids once, so I better make the most of it. So I baked a pile of cookies, searched for a printed out some fun "Nature Bingo" cards and planned a fun picnic for the kids to celebrate Earth Day.

We went out to Lyndale Drive because I was feeling nostalgic for all the times I've walked that path with my baby boy. And it was a nice place to have a picnic that wouldn't be too crowded and a fun place to explore for Logan.

Here is Logan eating his jam sandwich. No peanut butter - he just wanted jam! He inhaled the entire thing, crusts and all, so just jam it is!

Laney woke up from her little nap to discover that she was in the middle of a picnic! What?! She's just trying to figure it all out. Luckily for her, her little friend Claire came to visit, so we had two babies trying to figure out what was going on.

Logan is very Earth conscious. He made sure that all our garbage was in the proper place. We then walked down the path and played a little nature Bingo. Jen was a big help for trying to find a bird's nest with Logan while I calmed Laney down and fed her a bottle.

After the picnic and Bingo search, we were on our way home. But Logan spotted the Norwood Community Centre park. He used to love this park when we lived in Norwood and begged me to stop and play. I couldn't resist. Although as you can see from the pic above, Laney is starting to get too much sun. Her nose is a little red.

Logan playing at the park in the tube.

Logna is an excellent chauffeur. He even drives his sister around.

Had to check out the baseball field.

And the soccer/hockey field.

I handed Logan the camera to take some pictures while I buckled Laney into her car seat. This picture was taken my him. Pretty good eh?

From a strip of urban green space in Norwood Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope you all got a chance to enjoy nature today.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Glaring Omission and Some Other Tidbits

I just realized that the readers of my blog don't even know what the fabric I'm using for my wedding dress looks like. I posted the pictures on my Fanpage, but neglected to post them on the blog. How can you play along and help me decide on the final dress if you have no idea what the brocade looks like?

So here it is:

A close up to show the intricate pattern.

And a photo of the whole thing. You can see that it reflects lights quite a bit. It'll shine in the sun.

My grandfather gave this fabric to me. He's since passed on, but I'm sure he would be very pleased that I've saved it all these years to wear at my wedding. :)

Now you know why my dress is not going to be the traditional white. I only have 3 metres of this brocade though, so I have to be extra sneaky with cutting and designing.

Check out the buttons that just arrived from China. I ordered them on Etsy from a shop called wwwoo and I love them so much. They will match perfectly with my dress. :D

And in other news - it's been so warm and beautiful outside that we've been going to the park A LOT! Logan is obsessed with it like any little boy should be. And Laney just wants to do everything her big brother is doing, plus try to eat the grass and sand.

Logan was outside so much yesterday that he got way too over-stimulated and ended up being the most Spazzmatron kid I've ever had to deal with. Going a mile a minute and yapping, yapping, yapping the whole way. Needless to say, he crashed at 7:30 last night and is still sleeping soundly now at 8:00 am.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Wedding Details

I'm reserving this blog posting for information about the wedding of Terry to Tawny.
Saturday July 24th, 2010
1:00 pm
St. Malo Provincial Park Amphitheatre
BBQ reception to follow

The Province of Manitoba has made entry to all Provincial parks free for 2010. So guests will not have to pay to get into our wedding. Yay! :)

We will a nice map of the park along with parking spaces and directions to the amphitheatre as soon as we have one. We are going to talk to the parks person and ask about signage - but we will definitely have people directing you where to go. It's a small park though so it shouldn't be too hard to find ;)

We will add information as the wedding plans progress :)


We'd better add a note about dress attire. Please DO NOT dress up! You'll be sitting on wooden logs during the ceremony and your good clothes will be ruined. Terry and the groomsmen are wearing t-shirts and shorts. The bridesmaids will be wearing beachwear (top and shorts). We don't expect or want anyone to dress up all fancy for this thing. After the ceremony we invite you to suntan, take a swim and enjoy the BBQ, so bring your bathing suit if you like (or wear it under your beach-type clothes).

Here's a picture of the amphitheater where we'll be doing the ceremony. You see why nice clothes is not a good idea? It's so awesome! I'm so happy!

HI Everyone,

The big day is less than a week away!

Terry made a nice map (including coordinates for those with GPS) to the park. Here is the link: Terry's Google Maps (Winnipeg to St. Malo)

I'll attach a picture of the park layout on the event page so that you know where the amphitheatre and parking is. I can't seem to figure out how to attach it to this message.

The actual wedding ceremony will take place at 1:00 in the amphitheatre. There is no "bride" or "groom" side. Sit where you like. Remember to wear beach clothes as you will be sitting on wooden logs.

After the ceremony we will be having pictures taken and a BBQ. You're welcome to go for a swim, eat, chat, hang out. Or if you have other Saturday plans, we won't mind if you want to duck out. We have a few picnic tables being set up near the amphitheatre for out of town guests, but if you're in town we ask that you bring lawnchairs or picnic blankets.

Some guests have inquired about wedding presents. Terry and I have been together for 10 years. We have a house and two lovely kids. We have everything we could possibly want, so we ask that if you really want to bring a present you can always bring something to reception to help make it better. Example: I have one guest making the wedding cake and another bringing the drinks. It makes the day go easier for us because we don't have to remember to pack every little thing. You can email or phone one of us for suggestions if you like. But again, no presents are required!

We're looking forward to celebrating our future with all our friends and family!

See you on Saturday!


Friday, 16 April 2010

Stylish Ties

For the past two evenings I've been making what I thought to be practice ties for Terry and Logan. I wanted to make sure that I could make a decent tie for the wedding before I cut into some nice fabric. So I pulled out the "Man Fabric" (you may remember that I made curtains out of this very same man fabric).

The ties turned out perfectly! I finished Terry's last night and he tried it on. He immediately decided that he was going to wear his "Man Tie" to the wedding and that Logan should match. Tonight I made one for Logan. At first he was reluctant to try it on, but then daddy was saying how much he loved his. Logan tried it on and declared that he liked his too (but he wasn't going to wear it for very long because it was hot).

Here are my lovable goofballs modeling their ties. Of course, Terry and Logan had already decided that since they wanted to be comfortable at the wedding they were both going to wear shorts and a muscle shirt ... with a tie. I don't mind that much - it's Terry's wedding too. I want him to wear whatever he likes. Besides, who even looks at the groom anyway? Logan has got to be just like daddy, so his little ring bearer outfit will also be a muscle shirt, shorts and a tie. Adorable!

These boys of mine reminded me of that scene in the Sponge Bob movie where Sponge Bob and Patrick were singing "Now That We're Men" and dancing around all cool. I guess the man fabric brings that out of a guy. hehehe.

Anywho - check out the nice satin lining I put in these ties. Did that distract you from noticing the giant fox butt on the front of both Logan's and Terry's tie? (They find this a selling point for the tie. Boys! I'll never understand them)

Yup, it's all about workmanship. And a little help of course... I got the tutorial for both ties from Purl Bee - Terry's here and Logan's here.

Monday, 12 April 2010

How To: Like A Virgin Wrist Cuffs

I finished my wedding project for today really early. The kids actually had an afternoon nap at the same time, so I made some "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" cards. They are pictured on my fanpage if you wanna check 'em out.

Anyway, I had some extra time to surf the Internet tonight. I was on one of my favourite crafting sites - Cut Out and Keep - when I saw these lovely Tartan Lace Wrist Cuffs. Unfortunately, this photo wasn't accompanied by a How To. But I decided to try them out in my own way and create some instructions for those who want to make a pair.

My version brings to mind the early 1980s Madonna era. So ... yeah ... you should... like .... make these and stuff....

Supplies needed:
- Scrap Fabric for cuff band
- Wide lace (less than half a metre)
- 2 buttons
- a tiny hair elastic
- matching thread

1) Measure your wrist. Mine is 6 inches around. Add 3 inches for seam allowance and overlap. So 9 inches ofr me.

2) Cut cuff bands out of fabric. Mine rectangles of fabric were 9 inches by 4 inches. This makes a decent cuff. You can make yours wider or narrower depending on preference.

3) Press up a "hem" on both short sides (about half an inch). Press the long edges up about an inch each and then fold the band in half and press it again. You should end up with a band that has no raw edges showing.

4) Cut the metal piece off the tiny hair elastic and then cut it in half. Loop the elastic and place it along the one of the short sides. Sew up both short sides of both cuffs, making sure to catch your elastic in the stitching. I had to sew back and forth over the elastic several times to make sure it was really attached well.

5) Cut the lace the same length as the finished cuff. Position the cuff on the lac where you think it should go. I wanted more lace at the top and a small amount poking out the bottom. Sew the cuff along both long sides to the lace. Repeat for the other cuff.

6) Measure on your own wrist and mark where you want to place the button to keep your cuff closed. Sew buttons on both cuffs.

7) Like ... you're totally rad man!

Note: I have set up a Tawny Bee How To Flickr Group. If you try this out, I would love to see your version! Feel free to join and link up some of your great creations using one of my tutorials. :)

This How To was entered in the Tea Rose Home Link Party #4

What Would The Project Runway Judges Do?

While you're sewing do you sometimes imagine what the Project Runway judges would have to say about your work? "There is a taste level here that we're not seeing from Tawny," is what I imagine they would say about anything remotely associated with my wedding dress. And quite frankly, this wedding dress is going to be a swirl of tacky explosion. But hey, I'm tacky and darn proud of it!

Sometimes this little inner montage about taste level spurs me on to make this dress even more outrageous. In the case of the veil that I made yesterday - it egged me on until I added those red flowers. Then I hear, "This girl does not know how to edit!" coming from my imaginary Project Runway judges hehehe. Maybe I need to have my head examined? Tell me this is normal?!!

On a related note - who thinks Seth Aaron is going to win this season? Me! Me! Me! Me!