Sunday, 7 March 2010

Self Improvement

This is Terry and me in Montreal in 2004 when we went there for a Megadeth concert.

Great looking couple eh?

Then we had two kids and got jobs and started drinking pop and slurpees at night and eating nachos and candy to keep awake. We really want to look like that picture again for our wedding in a few months. So we've decided to do some self improvement. Maybe together, we will be strong enough to shed a few unwanted pounds.

There are approximately 20 weeks until our wedding, so it shouldn't be unreasonable to want to shed one pound per week until then. Twenty pounds lighter should make our wedding photos look pretty darn good eh?

The first thing we've done is to cut out food and Slurpees in the evenings after the kids go to sleep. It should help us shed some pounds and give us a better (not sugar laced) sleep. Win -win!

And so far it's been working. We've stayed strong for a week (we get to cheat a little on the weekends though) and had our first weigh in. Terry and I are both down a few pounds!

We'll start cutting out other things if this plan stops working - and yes, we realize it's going to be a struggle, but we're strong together!

Another thing we're going to try as a way to self improve is to have a reading night every Sunday. We always complain that we never have time to read, so we're making time. It'll be nice to sit with my sweetie and read instead of watching some boring thing on the boob tube. :)

Do any of my readers have some self-improvement activities in the works? Are you accomplishing your goals? I'd love to hear what others are doing to make their lives better.


Selena said...

Fruit is starting to make a comeback now the weather is warming up so substitute that for your artificial sugar cravings! Yoghurts are also a really good snack and usually very low in fat and sugars, plus Superstore always has some on sale for good deals.

Good luck you guys! Perhaps your discipline will inspire me to shed my thunder thighs. :P

Julie said...

I've been trying to eat differently, not just incorporating more veggies, but trying things I've avoided or resisted, like eggplant, lentils, and PB&J sandwiches. Just bought quinoa & wheat berries to experiment with. Trying to cut back on my Pepsi intake; that's hard, 'cause I like my sugar-water! Haven't started on a regular basis yet, but now that the sidewalks are clear, I want to walk around the neighborhood every evening.

I love your idea of reading night. Would have been more productive than watching Oscars last night.

Best of luck! And I think you two already look fantastic for parents of two busy young'uns.