Thursday, 4 March 2010

Seamus and Molly Fitzpatrick

I want you to meet Seamus and Molly Fitzpatrick. They are Gnome Leprechauns.

I made them using this tutorial from Wee Folk Art. They are destined to be the keepers of my sister's plants in Lethbridge as part of a St. Patty's Day package that I'm sending to her.

Oh Molly! No more hitting the sauce! Seamus worries about you so...
(*** Molly's glue is not quite dry and the bottle assures me that it dries clear, but if it doesn't, I will have to decorate her dress a little where the glue shows through - or else she'll really look like a hopeless alcoholic)

Here they are residing over the only foliage we actually have in our house - the fabric variety. Yeah, I can't keep a houseplant alive at all. But my sister is excellent at it and Seamus is really excited about moving Molly into a better neighborhood.

Oh no! Now they're up to no good on my sewing machine. NOOOOOOO!!!!

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Kimara said...

Awesome! I rather think your sister is going to have her hands full! Especially, it would appear, with Molly. Thanks for sharing on Flickr!