Monday, 1 March 2010

March is Housewares Month

I want to thank everyone for all their support during February's Project Upcycle for Heart and Stroke. You kept me motivated and I finished a project a day for the whole month! (Actually, I had 2 breaks, but that's still pretty good!)

I found it much easier to keep on task when I had a focus for the entire month, so I'm introducing Tawny Bee theme months. Yay! That way I can keep on track with all the projects I have in my head. They will also help me focus the online store a little more as well. :)

Anyone who wants to participate in the theme month is more than welcome. I'll be posting my progress on my Facebook Fanpage and when the projects are done, I'll blog about them here on this blog. Stop by and leave a wall post or comment. Link some of your projects. I love to see what everyone is up to.

So ... introducing Housewares Month for March 2010!

I have tons of projects on the go that I haven't had time to finish because of Project Upcycle. I'm going to revisit Logan's bench and the braided rope rug. We bought our house this past summer and I still haven't put curtains in some rooms, or decorated much of anything, so there's tons of stuff to do!

Don't expect a project-a-day type of thing for this month, but I assure you there will be plenty of fun stuff coming up. I hope you will all follow along with me because I always love your support.

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