Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lucky Four Leaf Clovers

Logan and I spent the morning making St. Patty's Day crafts. Lucky 4-Leaf Clovers! It was the first time that Logan was trusted with the paint and he did an excellent job. Here he is painting up his clover. He barely got any paint on himself. In fact, I got more paint on me than he got on himself.

And here is one of his finished Shamrocks. I even trusted him with the glue stick. The scissors were still off limits (I'm not crazy), but he glued all the fabric pieces to his clover all by himself. He was adamant that I not help him at all.

I was allowed to print his name on it though.

Here are all the 4-Leaf Clovers that we made today. Pretty nice bunch!

We pasted them on the front window to replace the hearts we've had up since Valentine's Day. The fabric pieces are facing outward for everyone to see. Logan put his in the window all by himself as well. He was such a big craftin' boy today!

Now if only the snow you see in the background would melt away.

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