Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Logan's Best Friend

For weeks, Logan has been very excited about Grandma coming to visit. He told me everyday: "Grandma is my best friend." Awwwww, that's just so cute!

So when the day finally arrived this weekend, Logan had plenty of activities planned for Grandma. Especially because it was a warm spring-ish weekend. They spent the entire afternoon outside raking leaves, riding bikes, bubble mowing the lawn and playing running games. I bet Grandma was exhausted after all that toddler fun, but she didn't show it. She was having as much fun with Logan and he was with her.

They are quite the pair. Logan wants to play Guitar Hero and Grandma tries. After the first song Grandma says that she does NOT like playing this game and that it is one of those things she won't do again. But in the same breath, Logan looks up at her and asks, "Grandma, play another song with Logan?" And she crumbles and plays another song. Awwww.... me thinks that boy has her wrapped around his little finger.

Grandma and Logan got lots of time together. On Saturday afternoon, they played some video games. On Sunday we went out for breakfast and played all day in the leaves. On Monday we all went to Stars and Strollers to see How To Train Your Dragon. Grandma got potty duty for that one. Then we came home and played some more. On Monday evening Grandma was babysitter while Terry and I got to go out together for the first time without the kids since October (or maybe September?) Logan took advantage and stayed up until 11:00!!! He had tons of stuff to do with Grandma before she left for Thompson in the morning.

Look at those two - best friends!

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