Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Housewares Month Finale: Logan's Bench

Earlier this year I got the grand idea in my head to remake a bench for Logan's room. Actually it came out of necessity. Logan believes that he is a very big boy (and he is), and insists on opening his curtains every morning. He climbs up on this footstool that we had put in his room when we moved in. This poor stool is not very stable - in fact it moves every time Logan gets up there and leans against the wall. There have been several times when Logan has hit the floor because the stool moves out from under him.

Thankfully, we had a sturdy bench that our friend Rejean kindly donated to me when I moved into my first apartment. It's a little worse for wear, but it doesn't move when toddlers climb on it. The "before" is pictured below.

Yeah, not much to look at. So I sanded it down a little. Then I glued some nice felt pieces onto the bottom so it wouldn't scratch the floor when moved by a rambunctious toddler.

Then I cut a million little pieces of colourful fabric and Mod Podged the whole bench. I actually haven't quite finished this part yet. But it's getting there!

I also ordered some fabulous vinyl fabric from Taiwan for the cushion. I chose vinyl so that it would be easily washable after a toddler uses it for a PB&J party or whatever else he gets into his head to do with it. The bears and trains and balloons on the fabric are all wonderful and perfect for children's decor.

I've still gotta finish the final touches on the Mod Podging and then put a finishing coat of something on it. It's pretty fabulous! Perfect for Logan's room! And perfect for the grand finale of Housewares Month! :)

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