Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Food Hands

Laney has developed a way to communicate with us and it's helping us understand her thoughts. Every time she thinks about food, she wiggles her hands in the cutest little way. At first she would wiggle them in that cute way and we'd laugh or coo at her. But then we started noticing a pattern. Anytime we said the words, "bottle," "food," or "cereal," her little hands would start wiggling.

Then we noticed when it was getting close to feeding time, Laney's hands would start moving. Or if Logan was eating a snack in front of her or we were pretending to eat one of Logan's plastic creations, she would get to wiggling.

It's actually helped quite a bit in deciding whether it's just teething that's making her chew and drool, or if she's really hungry.

The wiggling hands are the window into her thoughts :)

Check it out for yourself.

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