Saturday, 13 March 2010

An Early Spring Day

We had a wonderful day today. It was finally sunny and warm outside in Winnipeg. The snow was still hanging about, but at least it was melting all over the place :)

We went for a walk through the neighborhood with the double stroller. Logan pulled out his very favourite (and missed) toy - the bubble mower. All was right with the world.

Here he is, mowing the driveway because there is still too much snow on the lawn.

Here is Laney enjoying our walk. This is the first time that she wasn't in her portable chair for a walk. And who the heck can remember last summer when she was only one month old anyway? The whole world is new to her!

The kids chilling in the double stroller. Laney's not sure about all that sun that seems to get into her eyes. The hat is NOT helping.

Daddy the chauffeur.

We even got to have a BBQ! OH sweet, sweet BBQ and beer - how I've missed you. Last summer was lame because I was always sick and was pregnant and beerless :( This summer is going to rock!

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Jen said...

That's awesome! Does Lane have sunglasses? Claire has a couple pairs, and she is usually pretty good about leaving them on. Usually. :)