Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Cart Cover (McCall's 5721)

For my next housewares project I actually went to the fabric store and bought a pattern. Shock of all shocks! And I even bought coordinating fabric and all the supplies I would need as well - in one trip. What?!!

Little Laney loves to chew on everything in sight. We notice this especially when we take her shopping. She wants to chew on the cart. Gross! Or in restaurants she will chew on the high chair. Yuck! So in order to remedy this and make something that will help her tiny little baby body to fit easier in those carts, I made a Shopping Cart Cover from McCall's pattern 5721.

I'll make a disclaimer right here: I hate sewing from a pattern. Therefore, my judgement of patterns is seriously flawed. I always think the instructions aren't clear enough and that there is a better way to sew the project. And this was no exception. I cursed and vowed to burn this stupid cart cover several times while sewing it on the weekend.

Anyway, after fussing and struggling through lackluster instructions, I finally got it together.

Here is a picture of Laney inside the cart cover (with no cart in sight). I just wanted to show Terry how to put it over something so that he wouldn't be puzzling over it in the middle of Superstore.

Cute fabric eh? I finally bought some girlie fabric. Look at that! Will wonders never cease?

And it folds into this nice little bag.

Although let me say that if any of you attempt this pattern with 115 cm wide fabric, the layout is so close that I had to sew in the selvages to make it fit. Gah!

Anyway, my darling little girl is working it! Check it out in action at the Superstore. It is made for a single cart, that way I can put it over a high chair as well, so the side in this picture is not attached to make room for Logan. Terry has it upside down in this picture, but whatever - the instructions were so wonky that it's damn near impossible to figure out how to attach it to the cart. Whatever works is fine with us.

I have very fashionable kids.

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