Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bunny Pillows and Man Curtains

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I've been a busy bee this week, working on all the wonderful treats I'm going to include with Logan's and Lane's Easter baskets. Last night after they went to sleep and tonight while they were out with Terry doing the grocery shopping, I worked on bunny pillows.

I got the basic tutorial from a blog called Wolf and Willow. I didn't bother making pillowcases, because the kids would just end up pulling them off or getting them tangled up (especially Laney). So I appliqued the bunny directly on the pillows which I made myself out of some quilted double sided fabric that I had kicking around.

The black pillow with the purple bunny is for Logan and the red pillow is for Laney. Although you can probably tell that by the different sizes.

And I forgot that I'd written that I would post the downstairs bathroom curtains when I got them done. They are a version of the Simple Basement Curtains that I made for Housewares Month a few weeks ago.

I made these to open in the middle instead of having a single curtain all the way across as in the tutorial I made previously. They turned out nice. I made them out of fabric with a nature theme. We have dubbed it the Man Fabric since it's so woodsy.

Every time I ask Terry what I should make any project out of now, he says, "The Man Fabric." hehehe

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I love the knives in the skewers!