Saturday, 6 February 2010

Project Upcycle Day 6 - Blossom Hat

Yesterday I asked you what I would make out of 2 pairs of jogging pants and a pretty snowflake button? As you can see from the picture, these jogging pants have seen better days. Actually the grey ones are fairly new, but i was cleaning while wearing them one day and splattered bleach onto them. Oooops! And the pink ones are my very fave. I thought I was so cool wearing my cute little pink jogging suit. Unfortunately, after you have two kids, you're not as cool as you think anymore :(

I gave you the hint: Think Mayim Bialik, Blossom of early 90s TV fame. Well, if you watched that show at all, you would have noticed that she wore a lot of hats. And they all had big flowers on them.
Ok, so we're not going to be that crazy. But we are going to take some inspiration from this cutesy teenager from the 90s - because she is awesome!

1) Cut a long strip of main fabric. Make sure it fits around your head and has enough of a band.
2) Cut a smaller strip (same length) of the second fabric.

3) Sew bottom band on with a pretty zig zag and sew the side together to make hat shape

4) Cut out a piece to fit in the top. Sew it on sorta backwards to make pretty zig sag stitching on outside.

5) Make a pretty flower with a pretty button in the centre. Sew it on.

Voila! Don't I look cute? And it's wonderfully warm and comfy. I again want to keep it for myself. But I shall sell this one and make another one for myself when I'm finished with all these projects.

*** This Blossom Hat will be listed at Tawny Bee for $20. Half the proceeds from the sale ($10) will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation as part of my Upcycle for Heart and Stroke 2010 campaign ***

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what I'll be making out of a tie dyed t-shirt and some elastic. Hint: Your momma always told you to wear a fresh pair just in case you got into an accident and ended up in the hospital. OH! That is waaaay too easy....

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