Friday, 5 February 2010

Project Upcycle Day 5 - Minty Bear Leg Warmers

Yesterday I asked you what I would make out of this mint green sweater, some reclaimed elastic and some cute bear buttons that I took off of a pajama top. I got this sweater a few years ago for Christmas. I wore it to work. But now that I'm a stay at home mommy and about 4 sizes bigger, I don't have anywhere to wear it.

Time for a repurposing! So lace up your ice skates and grab the AquaNet - it's 1984 again baby!

1) make a pattern. I like to make my patterns on the wrong side of wrapping paper. It's big and cheap (bought at the dollar store) and sometimes if you're lucky, it comes with an inch grid on the back.

2) make some pretty ruffles.

3) Attach a casing and some elastic to keep these babies from slouching.

Have you guessed yet?
4) sew the sides and attach some cute buttons.

And voila! You've got some super toasty leg warmers. I wore them around the house for awhile to make sure the elastic worked the way I wanted it to. Let me tell you, my legs were super comfy and toasty! I didn't want to take them off!

*** This pair of Minty Bear Leg Warmers will be listed at Tawny Bee for $20. Half the proceeds ($10) will be donated to The Heart and Stroke Foundation as part of my Upcycle for Heart and Stroke 2010 campaign***

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what I'll be making out of two pairs of jogging pants and a pretty snowflake button. Hint: Think Mayim Bialik - you know... Blossom of early 90s television fame.

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