Thursday, 25 February 2010

Project Upcycle Day 25 -Moose On The Loose Fabric Earmuffs

Yesterday I asked what I would make out of these cute baby overalls and sweater. Hint: There's a Moose on the loose!

Everyone needs a moose appliqued onto their earmuffs right?

1) Cut headband strips out of the baby sweater. The back was brown and the front was multi-coloured. So I used the brown for the underside of my headband piece. Make sure the band is long enough to go over your head to your ears.

2) Sew the pieces together to make a headband piece tube. Cut some pieces out of the overalls to use for ears. So make sure they cover your ears! These overalls were fleece lined. Score! I used the fleece as the warm part that touches your ears. Nice...

3) Pin your pieces right sides together. Sew them together. Make sure to leave a hole at the top for the headband piece to fit into, and a smaller hole at the bottom for your elastic piece to fit into. I appliqued the Moose on the Loose picture onto one of the ears before I did this.

4) Cut another length of fabric from your sweater and make it into a tube. The length doesn't really matter. I wanted mine to bunch up a little so that the bottom elastic could stretch like a scrunchie so I made mine pretty long (maybe 8 inches or so).

5) Hand sew the ear pieces to the headband piece.

6) Cut about a 4 or 5 inch piece of elastic and thread it through the tubing. The tubing will be longer than the elastic, so use safety pins to make this step easier. Attach both the elastic and the tubing to the bottoms of the ear pieces. You should have a nice stretch when you put the earmuffs on your head.

Now those are some stylin' earmuffs.

*** These fabric earmuffs will be listed at Tawny Bee for $20. Half the proceeds ($10) will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation as part of my Upcycle for Heart and Stroke 2010 campaign****

Stay tuned in two days (Saturday) when I will be making something out of the rest of the blue towel jammies that I made the XOX Bath Puffies out of and a navy blue cargo skirt that used to be cool about 10 years ago. Hint: Toddlers are Coo Coo Bananas!

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