Saturday, 20 February 2010

Project Upcycle Day 20 - Pink Party Cardy

Yesterday I showed you a shapeless pink maternity sweater and the leftovers from the jogging pants I used to make the Heart Healthy Sports Bra. What would I make? I said that I might use a little elastic as well. I ended up using some and a button too! The hint was: remember those annoying Old Navy commercials from around Christmastime?

As I was making this project I just kept thinking to myself (and then laughing a little) that I was making my very own Party Cardy. So let's turn this maternity sweater into a pretty shapely cardigan.

1) Cut down the centre front

2) Whip up some binding out of a complimentary knit.

3) Bind the front 2 edges, the neckline, the bottom and the bottoms of the sleeves. That sounds so simple and yet it took me forever!

4) I cinched in the sides of the sweater just to give it more shape. Stretch and stitch some elastic overtop of the side seam. You can cinch it as much or as little as you like.

5) Add a pretty button and put an elastic loop on the other side to close it with.

And you've got your very own Party Cardy! You have to say it in an annoying commercial accent as well. Or maybe that's just me?

*** This Pink Cardigan will be listed at Tawny Bee for $30. Half the proceeds ($15) from the sale will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation as part of my Upcycle for Heart Stroke 2010 campaign****

Stay tuned tomorrow when I will attempt to make something out of this rather wrap blanket. I love this blanket, but I keep pulling all the snaps out of it. The pattern on it is irresistible though. Snow wolves! I'm going to try to reinforce and incorporate the snaps into the design. But if I fail with that, I will reclaim a few more snaps off of something else to use instead. HInt: Winnipeg chic?

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