Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Project Upcycle Day 2 - Sweet Lace Camisole

Yesterday I introduced these little pretties as ingredients for my next project. What will I make out of an old lady-ish white under blouse that I thrifted back when I lived in Lethbridge, Alberta and a pink tie-died shawl? Remember when shawls were a popular accessory? Yeah, it was like a blink on the fashion radar in about 2004. I used to wear this one to work. But now that I'm a stay at home mom and it's completely out of fashion, what could I possibly use it for?

1) Start with a sketch. Yes, my sketching is lame, but it does the job. I'm gonna make a pretty camisole!

2) Cut up the lacey blouse. Cutting is the toughest part. But when upcycling, it's not as scary. After all, these things were destined for the trash or Good will and you've only paid a few bucks for each. So why not give it a try?

3) Cut a bunch of strips of the shawl for binding.

4) Cut up a piece of the shawl for the back. Oh la la, a sheer, see through back. The best kind!

5) Sew in the binding

6) Don't forget to make something to hold in the girls! Wouldn't want them popping out!

7) Attach back and straps.

8) Attach and pretty rosette or something to bring special attention to your assets hehee

And Voila! Your very own pretty camisole to show off this summer!
I know I've gone through the steps rather quickly. But I assume that no one is really going to have this combination of materials at their disposal, so a full on tutorial is never going to work. But if you are a seamstress, then you are more than clever enough to figure it out for yourself using the pictures.

*** This camisole will be on sale at Tawny Bee for $24 today. Half the proceeds ($12) will be donated the Heart and Stroke Foundation as part of my Upcycle for Heart and Stroke 2010 campaign. ***

Tomorrow I will be making something out of these materials: One of those nylon eco-shopping bags, some ribbon I took from a Christmas present I received this past year, some old cabling, and some Velcro. Now if you've paid attention to my Fan Page, then you already know what I'll be making out of these materials, because I've made one very similar before. That is the only hint you will get.

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