Thursday, 11 February 2010

Project Upcycle Day 11 - Leather and Lace Light-switch Cover

Yesterday I asked what I would make out of this very pretty, yet waaaay too small belt? I gave you the hint that it would be illuminating.

This is a super simple way to make a very cool light-switch cover. You could make it with almost any belt that you have on hand. It looks really awesome made out of one of those studded belts. I couldn't get Terry to part with his (even though I think it's too small) for this experiment. Maybe next time.

1) Hold your belt up to a light-switch. Take some caulk and mark where you need to make the cuts. Make sure that the holes that are already in the belt are lined up with the screws. That'll save you the trouble of having to punch through the leather later. I measured two long sides out of the patterned part of the belt and 2 middle pieces out of the part with the holes.

2) Glue it all in the proper place. I used a hot glue gun. But watch out! The glue likes to go through the holes in the leather and you can seriously harm your poor little fingers if you're not watching out!
3) Wait for it to dry and screw it into your light-switch. Pretty! And super simple to assemble out of recycled materials :)

This Leather and Lace Light-switch Cover will be listed at Tawny Bee for $6. Half the proceeds ($3) from the sale will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I'm trying to come up with all sorts of different price points for these items from very affordable to slightly more. Be sure to check out all the items. I'm sure you'll be able to find something cool in the price that you want to donate ****

Stay tuned tomorrow when I will be making something out of this well loved pajama top. Some of my readers will remember that I wore this particular top in residence at the U of M. And ... yeah... I haven't really worn it since. I just never had the heart to get rid of it because the print is so unusual. There has to be a great use for it. Hint: You've heard of a turtle neck, but what about a zebra neck?

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