Saturday, 20 February 2010

My Little Copycat

It's a little unnerving having a toddler around the house lately. Logan has been staying at home with me during the day, so we see a lot of each other. Since the holidays are over and it's been too cold to go outside (especially with Laney in tow), we have been stuck in the house with each other.

To fill the time, I've just been doing what I regularly do when cooped up in the house - laundry, cleaning, baking etc.

Logan has decided that he's going to do the same. That's how toddlers learn afterall - they mimic. So he's been obsessed with getting on my computer and clicking on the AllRecipes bookmark. He browses through various clicking options and lands on a recipe picture that looks good to him and then insists that I print it out.

Once I do that, he takes the piece of paper and gathers all his ingredients. He even warns me not to touch the oven because it's hot! And "bakes" whatever it is on the recipe.

Last weekend I got a new iron. My old one fell off the washer one day when it was bumping around with an uneven load. I cut the cord off the old one and gave it to Logan so that he could iron beside me. I now use my new one on the ironing board and he sets his up on the freezer. He makes me bring him clothes from the ironing pile and he pushes the iron over them just like mommy.

Yesterday was Friday and we were both terribly bored by the time the afternoon rolled in. Laney was too busy practicing her crawling to play with us, so I took the time to make a sewing machine out of Mega Bloks. Logan loves this little invention. He spent the entire evening playing with it while I made my latest Project Upcycle creation.

He took fabric out of my scrap pile and even told me that he needed the green fleece. When I went to the ironing board, he would climb up to the freezer and iron too. He cleared his little desk off and said that it was his cutting table. He fed the fabric through his sewing machine just like mommy. He even took a spool of my thread and wound it around the machine. He insisted on having a bobbin as well which he then said, "doing some winding mommy." hehehe Too cute!

When we were all done sewing at the end of the day, we put my sewing machine cover on his machine. He put the blocks that he was using as pedals in the pockets like I used to do. He put the needlenose pliers that he was using as scissors in the pocket as well. Then he sat back on the couch and said, "too much sewing today, my back hurts" complete with achy back motions that I do. HAHAHAHA. He's the most adorable kid ever!

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