Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Maximum Annoyance

My morning so far:

- Laney spits her breakfast cereal all over her highchair
- Logan leaves a pile of crumbs from his banana bread in a trail all the way down the stairs
- Laney somehow pulls herself into the middle of Logan's train set and destroys everything in her path
- try to dress Logan, he decides he's gotta pee in the potty, he run down the hall and "almost" doesn't make it. I clean up pee pee dribbles in bathroom
- I put Laney in her crib so that she won't get into trouble. She pulls all of the bumpers off the sides.

We go downstairs to play
- Logan plays the Doodlebops CD on repeat 4 times
- I fish Laney out from under the jumperoo and then out from under the play pen
- I put Laney in the playpen for a rest from chasing her around. She pulls a blanket over her head and can't get it off.
- Logan dumps the entire bowl of apples that I carefully peeled and chopped for him onto the floor
- We have a dance party to the Doodlebops. Laney pulls my eyeglasses off repeatedly - on go the contact lenses!
- now that the contact lenses are in, Laney goes for the hair - up goes the hair!
- Logan decides to "fix" Laney's carseat chair by doing up all the straps just when I want to put Laney in there so that I can do the laundry without her getting into trouble.
- with one hand I undo the straps, with the other I hold Laney on my lap. She takes this time to grab my lip in a vice grip and scrape it until it bleeds.
- she then spits up all over my jeans - on go the pajama bottoms

Mommy needs a break
- I decide to put Laney into her high chair and feed her lunch, mostly to contain her whirlwind of activity for a minute
- she throws all of her toys onto the ground and cries about it while I make hers and Logan's lunch
- Feed Laney squash, which only takes 2 minutes because she loves those things. So much for a break.
- cut up hotdogs for Logan, put tons of ketchup on the plate so that I don't have to go back for more later.
- find out I was wrong and he's demanding more ketchup
- eat my cold lunch on the couch while blocking Laney from falling off said couch with my leg and listening to the news (on the TV) and the Doodlebops (on the CD player) fight it out for my attention

Laney is now asleep for her usual 10 minute nap and Logan is behind his desk arguing with me about what CD he should play next. He wants Green Day, I want something I haven't heard 600 times this weekend. Green Day wins...

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anita said...

Ahh...this takes me back! I remember mornings like that, chasing the baby while the toddler gets into trouble. I still have mornings like this, except now they consist of non-stop "did not!" "did so!" "did not!" "did so!". Hope you get to listen to something other than Doodlebops and Green Day today. :) xoxox