Sunday, 28 February 2010

Logan's Viewing Suggestions IV (DirtGirlWorld)

Logan has found a new love. Her name is Dirtgirl. According to her creators, she is a gum-boot wearing girl who grows awesome tomatoes, knows cloud names and drives a big orange tractor.
What 3 year old boy wouldn't be in love with her?

And she's cute too! A little redheaded Aussie!

Anyway, Dirtgirl has her own show called DirtGirlWorld. It's on the CBC in Canada in the mornings. Dirtgirl has some fun friends, like Ken the Stunt Weevil, Grubby the Stunt Coordinator and ScrapBoy (who is my favourite, because he turns all sorts of scraps into fun inventions). The show teaches about the environment - how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Except that it isn't preachy or boring like some kids' shows can be. They jazz it up with really peppy, kinda rockish songs and fun characters.

Logan has spent hours this week (and I mean HOURS!) playing on the Dirtgirl website. It's great because it's completely child-friendly and he can click anywhere without too much help from mommy. There are games, videos and songs and they are all aimed at preschoolers. Logan loves to go in "Spider's Video Player" and find the Big Orange Tractor Song. I've probably heard that song 673 times this week, and amazingly enough, I'm not tired of it! And the best part - Logan is no longer putting random jarble comments on Facebook statuses or filling out feedback forms on random internet pages. The Dirtgirl site it a place he can play without getting into trouble! yay!

So "Go Get Grubby!"

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