Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Grocery Shopping

On Tuesday evenings mommy gets a little break from the kids. It's actually the only time during the week that I'm away from these two. And it's a blissful hour and a half let me tell you!

Terry takes the kids grocery shopping to the Superstore! I don't quite get the allure of the Superstore. I absolutely hate going there. There are too many people and too much stuff to look through. But for kids, these are the exact reasons that they love this place.

I get to exercise without little feet and hands getting in the way of the elliptical. I get to sew without a baby wanting to chew on my sewing machine pedal. I get to play Bejeweled without a toddler demanding for his turn.

Poor Terry has to deal with two kids in a grocery store. Although Logan is actually pretty well behaved at the store and he's helpful too. He reminds daddy of what is on the list. After all, he is at home with me all day when I write things on the list, so he's the expert. It's close to Laney's bedtime though, so she gets a little fussy.

But hey, at least I get an hour and a half per week all to myself!

The kids at the grocery store

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