Sunday, 3 January 2010

Team LT's New Years Resolutions

This year Team LT has a few New Year's Resolutions. If I remember, I will report back periodically to let you know how we're doing.

Logan: Figure out this potty training thing once and for all. I admit that it's mostly Logan's parents that are slacking in this area. Logan is willing and able to potty train (With the "willing" getting smaller and smaller the more we slack off). But we will find some energy and get going this year. Logan is starting pre-school in the fall and we need to have this somewhat accomplished by September.

Lane: She has tons of things to work on. Getting teeth, crawling, walking, talking, eating real food. Pretty much everything in the world is what Laney wants to accomplish this year. I have a feeling she'll get pretty far.

Terry: Terry and Tawny both need to work harder on not ignoring Logan so much. Lane is so much of a handful lately that we are taking our well behaved, smart, little toddler for granted. Logan is able to entertain himself when we're having trouble with Laney and he also listens relatively well and plays by himself while we're feeding, changing, coddling, de-fussifying the baby. But this is unacceptable! We need to spend more of our energy on spending time with our smart, creative little boy. We only have this time with him once. We can't screw it up! Doesn't this sweetie need all we have to offer?

Tawny: I have a one business goal this year. I want to open my second Etsy shop displaying more adult fare (clothing, lingerie). I have also taken the handmade challenge this year.

Pledge Handmade

I will also take this a step further by making the resolution not to buy any clothes for myself that aren't either handmade or reconstructed by myself, handmade by someone else, or bought at a second hand store. This should be a bit of a challenge considering that I don't normally make things like jeans and outdoor gear. But I'll figure it out, or go without!

Wish us luck!

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Jennie said...

Good luck with your Etsy, handmade and ethical clothing goals! And I hope you both manage to find time for your little boy. Seems like guilt is a good thing sometimes, it tells us what we should be doing differently!