Friday, 15 January 2010

Sweet Potatoes For Our Sweet Potato

Last week we had had enough of Lane being fussy after dinner. Cereal was just not cutting it anymore. So we started her on some "real food." It's recommended that you start with the sweeter vegetables first. With Logan we started with carrots, but there weren't any at the store when we went on Saturday, so sweet potatoes it was!

Here is her reaction:

Yup, pretty darn blase.

Anyway, she ate the sweet potatoes for the recommended couple of days to test for bad reactions and allergies. Everything was A-OK. We then moved onto carrots. That caused a couple of nasty faces the first time Laney tried them. We thought that capturing a video the next night would make up for the boring first real food adventure video. But when I hit record, she just started eating the carrots without complaint or faces, which is what we wanted her to do, but makes for another boring video that I won't subject my readers to.

Maybe there will be a funny face or two when we try bananas? If you remember, Logan hated them when he was a baby.

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