Monday, 18 January 2010

Snow Angels

On Friday afternoon I had a pacemaker appointment, so Terry took a few hours off of work to watch the kids while I went. We figured that was better than me taking the kids to the hospital and risk them catching something, or fussing and breaking stuff while I'm hooked up.

It was a beautiful day in Winnipeg. 3 degrees C. So while I waited in a boring chair for my appointment, Terry took the kids outside to play. Logan hasn't been tobogganing yet this season. Here he is all ready to go.

We always tease Logan and say: "If Laney doesn't start behaving, we're going to throw her in a snowbank!"

To which he replies: "NOOOOOOO! I love her!"

We always assure him that we love the baby too. But Terry couldn't resist throwing her in the snowbank and taking this picture.

Logan had tons of winter fun. He ran upstairs when I came home to tell me all about it. How they went sledding and put Laney in a snowbank. hehe

Sounds like waaay more fun than I had.

This is the picture where is looks like Laney is saying "FU daddy for putting me in this crazy pink suit and putting me in this crazy blue sled and taking a bunch of crazy pictures." hahaha

In case you were wondering, my appointment went fine. Pacer is fine, blood pressure is great. They said I look pretty darn good for a heart patient with 2 young kids.

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