Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Playing with toddlers is so much fun sometimes. Logan has the most interesting imagination.

Here is the parking garage. As you can see, Homer is in charge.

Toad is the resident garbage man. He drives his sanitation truck over to the mountain of garbage for a routine stop.

Then we check out a little dinosaur freestylin'. He poppa-wheelied all the way up to the top of this Coke bottle. Oh no! How will he ever get down? Logan brings his trusty ladder on over for help. Smart idea!

Then B.O.B. the Blob decides it's time for lunch. He stops at his favourite restaurant for some pizza.

Watch out! Laney Destructo will grab and devour anything within reach! The parking garage is no match for this mammoth destroyer!

And in the background is where he's supposed to store all his toys when he's done. Does he? No! He leaves them for his parents to clean up after he falls asleep at night. And in the morning, his toyland adventures start anew!

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