Friday, 22 January 2010

Nutty for Butternut Squash

Leftover Mozza chicken for lunch is super nummy. Especially when you get to eat it downstairs in the rec room!
And baby cookies are pretty delicious too!

But nothing beats the Butternut Squash that we fed to Laney last night! Boy oh boy! She couldn't get enough of that stuff. Terry had to shovel it in as fast as he could. Didn't expect to have a good reaction, so I didn't bother with the camera. By the time we figured out she liked it, it was too late to snap a picture. She would have bitten our arms off if we got in the way of her precious Butternut Squash!

After dinner, she spend a half hour chewing on the bib and cloth trying to extract every last drop of sweet sweet squash from it. What a nut!

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