Friday, 29 January 2010

Kevin Bacon's Got My Boy!

I am marrying into a pretty great family. Or so I've decided this week. Terry, as you know, had to go to Ottawa at the beginning of the week for work. And this is when Winnipeg decided to throw a huge blizzard at us.

On Monday morning when I woke up, I could barely see across the street. By mid-morning I surveyed the driveway. There was a huge snowdrift the height of Logan behind the car! I decided to brave the wind and go outside for a minute to check it out. I had promised Logan that we could order pizza as a special treat while daddy was gone, so I had to see if I could clear a path for the delivery driver.

Well after I pushed with all my might to get the door open, and spent 20 minutes shoveling out our front step, I realized I was going to need help. My pacemaker can't take that kind of pressure! With Terry gone, I was thinking that I could venture next door and ask our neighbor for help when he got home. But he gets home late, and we needed pizza!

So I called on my future brother in law Cory. He told me that he would be over after work to help dig us out. And that's just what he did! He drove here on the icy roads right after he got off of work to help us out. Fortunately for him, the other neighbors were busy playing with their new snow-blowers and had decided to plow everyone's driveway.

But not to worry, I still made Uncle Cory work for his share of pizza. He had to watch a rambunctious toddler who idolizes his Uncle Cory while I had a shower. With Terry gone, I had no way of keeping tabs on Logan while I showered and knew he would be into everything if I left him alone for that long.

It really is great to finally have some family in town!

Thank you uncle Cory!

Ack! Kevin Bacon has got my boy!

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