Saturday, 19 December 2009

O Christmas Tree 2009

This year, Logan is really starting to figure out this Christmas thing. He knows from last year that Santa brings him presents, but he totally forgot about the tree and the now-yearly trip to see the Christmas lights.

After his birthday we decided it was safe to start in on the Christmas celebration. So last weekend, Terry took him to the tree lot to pick out a tree. They did a fine job. The tree is the perfect size. There is something special about setting up the tree in our own house.

Logan really enjoyed hanging the decorations. At first, he tried hanging all the decorations on the lighting cord leading to the plug in the wall. But mommy told him not to do that. So then he tried putting all the decorations on one branch. This resulted in all the decorations falling to the floor. Then he started putting them all over the place and this worked out much better. The tree doesn't look too bottom heavy does it? Terry and I got a few decorations to put at the top. The crowning event was putting our beloved snowman at the top. Logan really liked that part!

One of the candycanes that was destined for the tree never made it. Logan decided that it would be better in his mouth instead of on the tree hehehe

We also bundled up the kids and drove all the way across town to the Christmas lights display at the Grounds. We stopped at a Timmy's on the way and got some hot chocolate and some Timbits for Logan. And then we drove around looking at all the pretty lights. Laney fell asleep for most of the trip, but I think she was just quiet because there were a lot of lights bouncing of the car windows to keep her occupied.

Logan remembered a little bit from last year, but this year I think he really started to understand a little more. He was pointing out what everything was and asking questions the whole time. He also fell asleep on the way home. We were up past his bedtime! It'll be so much fun to go when the kids are a bit older because there are sleigh rides and outdoor skating there as well. Too cold and too young this year for any of that.

And, we were pretty successful at pulling off an entirely Handmade Christmas this year. Most gifts that we're giving out this year were handmade by yours truly! I'm very proud to say that most everyone on our list will be getting a gift made and designed just for them. There are a few exceptions. We had to purchase some gifts for Logan and Lane (although some are handmade by me if I ever get my butt in gear this weekend). And we purchased the gift for Terry's dad.

Phew! Now that Handmade Holidays are almost wrapped up, I can concentrate on other sewing projects such as pants for the boy who never stops growing! Made this pair of jeans for Logan last night. They are made out of Terry's old jeans and an applique that I took off of some baby PJ's that both kids have outgrown. The best part about these pants (other than the fact that they are adorable)? The only thing I had to pay for was the elastic and thread. These jeans cost me about 30 cents. :D

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Jennie said...

Those jeans are adorable!

I haven't put our Christmas tree up yet but might go get it out of the shed now. I only have to keep our curious 15 month old off it for four days...