Saturday, 12 December 2009

Logan's Third

I haven't posted a blog in awhile, but there has been lots of activity going on. I held my first giveaway last week and got an overwhelming amount of responses (79 entries). I had a great time, visited tons of new blogs and found lots of people who are awesome sewing mamas like myself. I've picked the winners and sent out the prizes. Now it's time to move onto Team LT's busy season. We had my birthday a few weeks ago, and Logan's yesterday. Then Christmas and Terry's birthday. Then New Years. Then we rest hehehe

Logan's third birthday was awesome! Since I had my birthday first, he had a test run to figure out cake and presents and the whole bit. So when his birthday arrived, he knew exactly what was happening.

The night before, we went shopping late for some boots for mommy (my old ones had holes in them, which will never do in Winnipeg). Logan was very sleepy. Although he did have enough energy to have a look at Santa. He wouldn't go near him, but he did check him out from afar. He also loved to look at the lights in the mall and investigate the TVs in some of the stores. Apparently, they weren't on the proper thing and he wanted to go tell someone to fix them. Weirdo!

He slept in until 8:30 on this birthday, but was fully awake when he heard that there were presents to open. He got a mug with his name on it and Buzz Lightyear from Mommy, Daddy and Laney. Very exciting!

Buzz was kept very busy all day. He danced with Logan and flew around the room. He was also posed for pictures with the family, so we could send daddy a nice Friday picture of us all while he was at work.

When Terry got home from work, he pulled the gift from Grandma and Grandpa out of the shed and told Logan that the "mail" had come. He rushed upstairs to see what it was. It was a big kitchenette. Same like the one at the doctor's office that he so loves to play with!

While daddy put it together, I started to work on Logan's birthday dinner. He decided that he wanted meatloaf (which I was to cook), fries (which he wanted to cook), and salad (which he wanted daddy to make). I also went to the Safeway to pick up his Batman cake. He had picked it out with daddy earlier in the week.

Uncle Cory came over for dinner and brought him a new truck and a bunch of farm animals for his birthday. Two things that he really loves. He's such a boy, trucks always go over well.

And then there was cake!

What a great birthday!

Of course, we can't forget Laney in all this Logan Birthday business. She learned how to roll all the way over (360 degrees) yesterday and kept doing it over and over and over. Good job Laney!

Here she is taking a break and posing for a nice picture:

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Jennie said...

Happy birthday Logan! Can't wait for my boy to turn three, I love Buzz Lightyear.