Saturday, 26 December 2009

Laney''s First Christmas

7:30 PM Christmas Eve: Logan gets into his jammies and puts cookies and milk out for Santa

Somewhere around 10:00 PM Christmas Eve: Logan is still awake. Parents are regretting letting him stay up as late as he wants. They try to bore him with the movie "Up" which turned out to be a huge snoozefest for both parents. Logan ignored the movie and kept on playing.

10:20 PM Christmas Eve: Parents forced Logan to lay down and rest. He fell asleep finally.

Maybe going to bed so late was a good idea? Would he sleep in? ....

7:45 AM Christmas Morning: Logan calls from his bed.

Time to open presents!

Laney checking out her stocking. She has no idea what's going on.

Logan opening presents. Notice that it's still dark outside.

Laney didn't get her two front teeth for Christmas like she was hoping, but she's content to chew on wrapping paper instead.

Logan still opening presents. Getting a bit lighter outside. We notice that the wind is drifting the snow all over the place out there.

11:30 AM Christmas Day: It's time for Christmas lunch!

After playing with lots of new toys, talking to Grandma and Grandpa on the webcam, and eating tons of junk food, it's time for some nutrition!

Mommy prepared eggs, toast, bacon and hashbrowns. Nummy.

The afternoon is filled with more playing with toys and eating of junk food.

2:00 PM Christmas Day: Parents get their traditional Slurpee hankering.

Daddy and Logan go outside to dig us out of a snow bank that's formed at our front/side door.

Mommy gets Laney ready for a car ride to 7-Eleven.

Laney is wearing her new parka from Grandma. Cute little Inuit baby!

Both kids fall asleep in the car so parents enjoy their Slurpees and have a little peace on earth for half an hour while they drive around enjoying Winnipeg in winter.

4:00 PM Christmas Day: A good time to put in the smoked chicken that we got for our Christmas dinner. Everyone told us that it only needed heating up.

5:15 PM Christmas Day: All the fixings are made, stuffing, potatoes, corn... no gravy yet, waiting on the chicken.

Check on the chicken and find that it's practically raw underneath it's nicely smoked exterior. Boo!

5:20 PM Christmas Day: Briefly contemplate the idea of having Peking Duck on Christmas ala A Christmas Story, but then decide to heat up the leftover potpie from Christmas Eve dinner. It was fabulous, unlike our sad chicken.

Mommy looking a little chubby and tired after this Christmas dinner.

Logan, his usual photogenic self. :)

Daddy and Laney all done!

From the LT Experience to all of you out there - Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. Your kids are adorable!