Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween Aftermath 2009

The LT Experience had a great Halloween this year!

I spent a couple of weeks sewing pirate costumes for Logan and Terry. Logan decided he wanted to be a pirate a month ago and he stuck with it. No last minute costume change decisions this year. I hear that they will be coming though. But he wouldn't be a pirate unless daddy could be one too. So I bought some fabulously warm and soft micro-suede and made some pirate coats. We bought the acccessories from the dollar store and I somehow figured out how to make pirate hats. Logan's hat was a pattern, and Terry's was improvised.

Give this pirate some candy or walk the plank!

During the afternoon, Terry and Logan took over the laundry room in order to carve pumpkins. This was Logan's first Halloween pumpkin! He decided that he wanted a happy face with round eyes. So Terry took out the knife and started carving. A few trick or treaters of the younger persuasion commented that they liked it because it was happy and not scary.

Logan's first pumpkin in our front window - Logan is peeking out at bottom right

Terry took Logan out to plunder and pillage the neighbourhood for loot. They came back with a ton of candy. We let Logan stay up as late as he wanted and eat as much candy as he wanted. He made it until 10:00! Of course, it was really only 9:00 since there was a time change last night - but we won't tell him that. Seems that he was more interested in the staying up late part of the deal, because he didn't gorge on the candy quite as much as we expected.

Logan posing with his bag of loot

And don't worry - Laney got in on the fun too. She was a rabid teddy bear! Watch out, or she'll slime you with her milky spit up!

When rabid teddy bears attack!
Happy Halloween One and All!