Saturday, 3 October 2009

Meeting Minutes for October 2, 2009

Meeting was called at 10:15 AM
Location: Logan's "office" (the spare room)
Participants: Logan, Laney, myself (Tawny), Cookie Monster

Participants from left: Logan, Cookie Monster, Laney (Mommy was photographer)
10:15 Meeting was called to order

10:16 "Cuppy Cakes" were served

10:20 Logan called us to the corner of the room where we were to admire his great parking spot and how fabulous his truck is. Cookie monster was allowed to ride on the back of it

10:25 Laney was appointed official "Schmoo baby" in charge of all things Schmoo

10:30 Logan's laptop was in serious need of a reboot because as Logan told us - he was frustrated with it. He also needed to show participants that he could insert a disk into the drive.

10:32 A discussion item was brought up by Logan to figure out which parts of the house needed the most vacuuming. It was decided that EVERY part of the house needed a good vacuuming. Logan was put in charge of this task.

Logan was put in charge of vacuuming

10:35 We paused a moment to think about those not in attendance at this particular meeting. It was decided that Daddy (at work) and Grandma (in Thompson) were missed. Especially Grandma because she is always a good "vacuuming" supervisor.

10:40 Cookie monster fell off his chair and needed to be propped up with a blanket

10:41 Break and potty time! (Potty time was successful)

10:50 Meeting is resumed with different seating arrangements. Mommy was demoted to a floor position to rock Laney in her chair.

10:51 A "service ticket" was created for Logan so that he could use his flashlight and screwdriver to "fix" Mommy's eliptical exercise machine

10:52 Mommy was asked to demonstrate the exercise machine in order for everyone to get a good handle on how it works. Logan provided the CD (Weezer Red) to test the CD functionality.

10:56 Mommy requested water after exercising at full capacity for 4 minutes. Her request was denied.

11:00 Laney went into full meltdown mode. The job stress was getting to her (or she was super hungry). She dissolved the meeting.

11:00 Meeting adjourned.

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Jennie said...

Glad you've got your schmoo accounted for.