Sunday, 13 September 2009

Unveiling! The L-T Experience

This is the official unveiling of the new blog.

The L-T Experience

There were so many good entries. Check them all out here. We had a difficult time deciding. At first we thought about LoLa stuff. Then we tried to come up with something that fit all our interests. Terry really liked Melanie's Tech, Sew and Chil' suggestion. Then we were thinking that we should just go with something that had our last name in it. But then the blog would contain our full names and we didn't think that was a very good idea.

So many things to think about....

A few weeks ago, Terry had thrown out The L-T Experience as a joke. But it seems to have stuck. Especially because Logan giggles every time we say it and then repeats by exclaiming "The L-T O-Peak-O-Wince" hehehe. So cute.

So.... "Stranger" came up with the winning entry. It was The T.L.² Experience. I know we switched it around some. But it was perfect! Thank you! I will alert you on Facebook later today (and wish you a happy birthday as well). Many a great prize will be headed your way shortly. :D


Jennie said...

Great name!

Stranger said...

Yay! An excellent spin on my submission, I think this has a nicer ring to it. Also, I totally love the banner :)