Saturday, 19 September 2009

Spot The Differences

Can you tell which one is Logan and which one is Lane?

A lot of people have said to me that babies all look the same. And for Team T, that remark is very true! I've been super careful to upload every photo to my computer with the date stamped correctly on it. If I didn't, I would have a difficult time telling which baby is which!

Lane, of course is the one on the left in the pink blanket at the beach. Logan is on the right with the blue blanket. But since Lane wears most of Logan's old clothes, not even the telltale pink will help us tell these two apart in most photos. At least we're in a different house now, so that helps. Only the closeups give us trouble.

Too bad you can't capture personality in a baby photo or we'd be set. Those two have very different personalities!

1 comment:

Jennie said...

I would guess that the photos taken with a higher-quality camera must be of the newer baby. :-D

I know I can see a distinct difference in photos taken before my 30th birthday and after, due to the same reason!