Saturday, 1 August 2009

Whatcha Doin' Mommy/Daddy?

I know it 's hard to imagine this sweet little boy could be annoying. Look at that sweet little face modeling the new t-shirt I made for him. But he's got the bug - the question asking bug. ACK! Run for the hills!

"Whatcha doin' mommy?"
"What that sound is daddy?"
"What that says Grandma?"
"Daddy at work?"

These are a few of his faves. And if he doesn't get adequate response, he starts with the rapid fire: "What are you doing Mommy, Daddy, Logan?" all at once. Yes, he even asks what he is doing. Sometimes he'll even answer himself hehehe

Annoying - but I must admit, the boy asks intelligent questions most of the time. And he uses a lot of new vocabulary. So we will tolerate it. Terry also thinks that it 's a way for Logan to break into a conversation with us if he doesn't understand what we are talking about. Good assessment. He'll even ask: "What are you talking about?" for clarification. Nice.

The boy is learning!

On a side note: Potty training has started back up unexpectedly. Logan just decided one day that he needed to have potty time. He pulled his pants off and went to it. So I guess we're back on that bus for awhile. It's been going very well, with a few successful potty times a day and I haven't had to nag him to do it at all. He tells me when he wants to go. I only hope that he can keep it up once the baby is born. I would hate to see a setback.

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