Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Professional Haircut

As some of you know from looking at Terry's Facebook, he has recently had a haircut. There were many jokes about him losing a lot of hair and gaining a baby hehe.

Anyway, we thought that we could now convince Logan to get a haircut too. He always wants to be just like Daddy. It took some coaxing, but we finally had him convinced to try out a real salon. In Winnipeg, there is a place called the "Hair Do Zoo" that caters only to children.

We went there on Friday morning for Logan to have his first professional haircut. Up until this point I had been doing the honours and I don't think I was doing too bad a job. But he really needed someone to clean up all the crooked ends that I'd created.

Logan got to pick which animal he wanted to sit on. He chose an elephant. And then the hairdresser put a cape on him and went to work. Logan was very quiet. The kind of quiet he is only when he's unsure of something. The water bottle was OK, and the brush thing to get the stray hairs was OK, but when the hairdresser asked him about a blow dryer, that was enough. There were only a few tears at the end and then he got a lollipop. And we all know that lollipops make everything better.

Our big boy sitting on the elephant at Hair Do Zoo

He was such a big boy and sat so still while he got his haircut that he earned another treat too. We went to Timmy's for some donuts! Good job Logan!

Back at home with a new 'do. Playing in the dining room table box.

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Julie said...

Yay, another "first" to celebrate! And boxes make such great toys, don't they?